Slumberkins - Hammerhead Board Book

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Childish Tendencies

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Hammerhead’s story focuses on building social skills to support conflict resolution and self-regulation. Through Hammerhead's experiences little ones learn how to calm down when their emotions get too big.

This Interactive Routine Promotes:
Emotional Regulation
Communication Skills
Social Skills

Hammerhead comes from a very big family. As one of 19 children that were born to his parents at the same time, he doesn’t always get the individual attention he needs. Sometimes Hammerhead worries that he will be left behind or forgotten, so he tends to be loud and boisterous to make sure his voice is heard. With so many siblings, Hammerhead learns how to behave from his many brothers and sisters. 

Hammerhead is fast and full of energy, and he can get really competitive. He struggles to make friends with others outside of his family. His parents have a hard time preventing their kids from being rough and tumble, so they prefer to let the kids work it out themselves. “Sharks will be sharks,” they say. However, sharks have a reputation for being aggressive among other creatures in the sea. Because of this, Hammerhead’s parents often worry about their kids getting in trouble.

The Hammerhead Board Book measures 5" wide by 7" tall and features 12 fully illustrated pages.