Bellabu Bear

We believe parents deserve high quality products that make their life easier & babies deserve products that keep them safe & comfortable. This is achieved by creating pajamas that are better for their skin, more comfortable for any activity, and easier for the parents to use. So we created the most comfortable and functional bamboo kids pajamas, they just happen to be better for the environment as well.

Our yarn comes from organically grown bamboo and our entire outfit, not just the fabric, is Oeko-Tex Certified to be free of chemicals. We have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association. I have made it Our Mission to dress every child in a pajama that is safer and more comfortable for bedtime.

Our zippers come from YKK, the leader in the market, and have passed all safety tests for babies. You can be sure they can not be pulled off to become a choking hazard. Our two-way zipper is also free from chemicals and harmful substances guaranteed safe with the Oeko-Tex Certification. Our garments are constructed to be pinch free and worry free.

Our printing method is unlike others to make sure we don't compromise the softness of our fabric.

Each design is hand drawn and an original work of art that through much effort becomes the beautiful prints you see displayed on our bamboo baby clothes.

All our bamboo baby pajamas are being designed right from home in California and we will always continue to deliver quality straight to you, from our heart to yours. 

We are so happy to be presenting the softest and purest pajamas for your children yet!

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Dress (Tank) - Ice Cream
  • $ 30.00
Footie (Convertible) - Ice Cream
  • $ 40.00
Dress (Tank) - Macaron
  • $ 30.00
Last One: 2XL - Women's 2 Piece Pajama Set - Macaron
  • $ 56.00
Footie (Convertible) - Macaron
  • $ 40.00
2 Piece Pajamas (Long Sleeve) - Macaron
  • $ 40.00