Photo By Megan Flannagan at Break the Mold Photography

Growing up around retail, I always said I would never make a career of it. Yet, here I am. And you know what? I couldn't ask for a more enriching and challenging career.

A Little Bit About Us

Hey there! I'm Ashley.

I've been around retail since I was 10 when my mom, Susan, started working at Wind Drift Gallery in our small tourist town of Newport, Oregon. 

In 2005, my mom was presented with the opportunity to purchase the little shop she loved so much. She worked hard as a single mother to provide everything she could for us and this was a great opportunity to better herself. 

I moved away and went to college with no plans to return to retail, but it felt different to work with my mom instead of for the man who had previously owned the shop. I had so much more creative freedom and was allowed to use our shop to help support our communities in ways that were not previously permitted. 

My real commitment to making this my career came in 2011, just one year after I married my high school sweetheart. Childish Tendencies was born when I kept finding amazing products that didn't tie into my mom's existing shop, Wind Drift Gallery. A few months later, an opportunity presented itself and we rolled with it. In two weeks time, we found ourselves with our second shop-baby.

Here we are---13 years, two dogs, two cats, two kids, and another store later. In September of 2023, we soft opened our newest endeavor, Kindred Hearts at Canyon Way.

This website will continue to slowly grow as I attempt to squeeze it into the rest of my life. My working hours revolve around my kids' schedules and our brick-and-mortar locations. We are still in the process of renovating our new location and taming our storage situation, so the website doesn't get as much love as it should. 

This is all a labor of love and I can't wait to see where this goes!

A note about our site and our offerings: 

Our site features products from our three stores: Childish Tendencies, Kindred Hearts at Canyon Way, and Wind Drift Gallery. You'll find a little bit of everything here. I sell what I love and have personally tested most of the products we offer. These are all things I would use myself or my kids or gift to a friend. 

Please note that, as a very small retailer, we are unable to have everything on the site stored away in a warehouse. Most items are on our sales floor. We do our best to inspect each item before shipping to make sure it's still in amazing condition for you. When an issue arrises, we will contact you to make arrangements.