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About Crew + Company

Hi, I'm Haley! Welcome to Crew + Company. I started this company because of my baby August. My sweet boy developed eczema after only being 10 days old. I tried everything and nothing was working. What was I supposed to do? He couldn't go without clothes all the time. I was at a loss... but then I discovered bamboo. Its like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! My baby could finally be comfortable no matter the circumstances. The end... Just kidding! We had fallen in love with the bamboo material but the prints just weren't doing it for us. *Cue me doing tons of research on all of the ins and outs of starting a business.* This went on for months. I researched just about every page of Google before even taking those first steps. After planning for what seems like forever and finalizing our product we are finally here! *Enter Crew + Company.* I can't wait to continue to share our love of this life changing fabric and all of our exclusive prints with you all. I hope that we can bring as much comfort and joy to your home as it's brought to ours.

Come Visit Us!

Childish Tendencies
412 SW Bay Blvd
Newport, Oregon 97365
Open 11ish-5ish Daily

Wind Drift Gallery
414 SW Bay Blvd
Newport, Oregon 97365
Open 10ish-5ish Daily

Kindred Hearts
1216 SW Canyon Way
Newport, Oregon 97365
Open Friday - Monday 11ish-4ish