About Slumberkins
We are a leading children’s educational brand on a mission to promote early emotional learning. As a family therapist and an educator, we saw a need for an intentional children’s brand that reinforces a positive attachment between children and their caregivers. Our stories use research-based techniques to teach little ones important social-emotional skills. Through pro-active and supportive narratives, each collection is intentionally crafted to build resilient, caring, and confident children. 

About Callie & Kelly

Our business is the culmination of more than 20 years of friendship and a shared life passion for promoting early emotional learning. As mothers with backgrounds in family therapy and early education, we identified a need for intentional children’s products while on maternity leave together in 2016. Now we have the privilege of spreading the Slumberkins mission and preparing children to thrive in the modern world.

Designed to Promote Early Emotional Learning

Slumberkins provides parents and caregivers resources to create loving routines that deepen the bond with their little ones while teaching valuable life skills.

the slumberkins routine
Snuggle up with your little one—a simple act that is endlessly important. Attachment bonds are built through physical touch, eye contact, and playful interactions. 

Use the power of your bond and positive affirmations to solidify your child's learning. Read each line of the affirmation and if possible, have them repeat each line after you.

Practice the concepts, positive skills, and learning that are instilled in Slumberkins' books in your everyday life. Use the situations in the book, calming techniques, and Slumberkins' storylines when talking to your child about their experiences.

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