Book - Cyrus The Unsinkable Serpent

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Childish Tendencies

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Once upon a time there was a giant sea serpent
named Cyrus.
I can’t imagine any child not being wide-eyed and excited to hear the rest of this story after listening to that opening sentence! They won’t be disappointed!  Even though Cyrus is a fearsome and formidable looking monster, he actually is a gentle, rather bored sea monster who simply roams about wondering what to do each day.  That is until a shark swims by, sneers at Cyrus and calls him a spineless sissy. Well! Now the trouble begins… Cyrus decides to swim far out to sea and find a ship to wreck.  In the midst of his plan a huge storm comes thundering upon him and – you just might be surprised at what happens to Cyrus and the ship he planned on plundering!
No one likes being teased or called a name. I’m proud of Cyrus because he learned to turn his hurt and frustration into good and kindness. Hmm, maybe when someone hurts us with words, we can learn to be “unsinkable” like Cyrus.