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Book (Hardcover) - Lala's Words

Book (Hardcover) - Lala's Words

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Lala wants to run, jump, and play, though her mother would prefer her to "Be still and quiet!" Most of all, Lala likes to visit her secret hideaway, where tiny plants sprout in a patch of dirt and concrete. Every day, Lala carries a pot of water to her plants through the heat, but it is her kind words that make them sway and nod.

On the hottest day of summer, Lala's mother orders her to stay inside, out of the sun and the dirt. Lala is worried about her little friends; but through the cool of the night, Lala's plants find their way to her in a magical, spectacular fashion, silently demonstrating the love that is reciprocated from compassion.

Recommended for ages 4-8.
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