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Card Deck - Questions to Help You Survive & Thrive

Card Deck - Questions to Help You Survive & Thrive

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100 questions, prompts and actions to help you survive and thrive! 

Whether it's surviving your start up journey or every day life, this tube of goodness is designed to help and prompt you to dig deep. There's many ways you can use them, whether that be as thought starters, inspiration or motivators. 

Life can be a rollercoaster, so the idea with these cards is to give yourself a break, to take a deep breath, intuitively dig into the tube and see where today takes you. 

You can think about your answers, you can write them down, you can journal about them, there are no rules, this is your tube of delight to do with as you please. We suggest folding them into quarters, giving them a shake and pulling them out at random. 

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