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Sergio Lub

Copper Bracelet - Copper Band Brushed (322)

Copper Bracelet - Copper Band Brushed (322)

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This bestselling classic band is made of solid copper, carefully annealed through a heat-treating process to comfortably adjust to the wearer’s wrist. Due to its maximum skin to copper contact area, it’s become a favored style for many, and a standard, timeless layering piece.

Small - For wrists up to 6" in diameter
* Common children’s size, & for a petite size wrist…

edium - For wrists 6" to 7" in diameter
For most Women, and some Men of medium build...

arge - For wrists 7" to 8" in diameter 
* Most common Men’s size, & also for a more voluptuous lady.

arge - For an 8"+ diameter wrist 


Pure Copper – The red/pink-ish metal found in many of our bracelets.

Jewelers’ Brass – The golden metal we use is an alloy (mixture of metals) containing approximately 85% pure copper and 15% zinc, another essential trace mineral for the human body.

German Silver – German Silver is the primary white metal we use. It is an alloy of 65% pure copper mixed with zinc and nickel.

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