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Game - Double Jointed

Game - Double Jointed

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Double Jointed is an exciting artistic drawing game that will put your creativity and dexterity to the test! This unique game is perfect for players who enjoy a challenge and love to flex their artistic muscles.

Double Jointed is played with a deck of cards that feature a wide range of drawing prompts, from simple shapes to more complex objects and scenes. Players can either go head-to-head in a competitive game or work together as a team to complete the drawing.

But here’s the twist: each player must wear the Double-Jointed wrist strap, making movement difficult and a battle for control of your pencil, adding an extra layer of challenge

  • Wooden drawing device included.
  • 2 Pencils
  • 1 Notepad
  • 40 Game cards
  • 3+ Players
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