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Plush - Inner Ear: Now Hear This

Plush - Inner Ear: Now Hear This

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Super cute inner ear plush! Detailed inner ear plush highlights aural pals cochlea, ossicles, and malleus. Celebrate the magic of the inner ear! Educational booklet hangtag explains the magic of the inner ear. Surprise your audiologist or ENT with this delightful gift. Hammers, labyrinths, snails, and tympanis!

Welcome to the strangest part of your body, the inner ear. Celebrate the magic of sound with the many parts of your inner ear. The eardrum transmits sounds from the air to the ossicles. The ossicles transmit and amplify sound pressure to the cochlea. The cochlea is the part of the labyrinth that looks like a snail and converts sound pressure to electrochemical signals that the brain can interpret. So listen up!

Handmade at an ethically certified factory in China. 100% polyester. Ages 3 and up.
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