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Large Nail File - Glass

Large Nail File - Glass

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The secret starts with the glass. We use only the highest quality acid-etched tempered Czech glass nail files. Ever sharp, the finish won't wear off because it is part of the glass.

Sure, glass nail files sound fragile. Doesn't anything made of glass? In truth, these files are remarkably sturdy and with reasonable care they will last a lifetime. (By reasonable care we mean treat them as you would your eyeglasses.)

The files are made in a small, family-run specialty glass factory in the Czech Republic. Each file is finished by hand so there are no rough edges or irregular color patches.

When the files arrive at our studio each is embellished with a stunning art moderne cabochon made of multi-layered fused dichroic glass by one of our talented glass artists. Our copyrighted designs are both intricate and intriguing. These small jewels of glass art make each file as unique as the woman who uses it.

We wish we could make unbreakable glass, but since nobody can we instead use the highest quality files available. Because they are made of tempered glass (the same as your eye glasses or car windshield) even if it should break, you will not be cut because the file will not shatter. 

Each comes with a velvety sheath which provides virtually all the protection your file will ever need.

Large: nail files are 7.5" long with a permanent rough edge etched into the glass. The large size is ideal for foot care as it gently sands away calluses & problem nails. 

***Note: the fused dichroic glass decoration will be random, sorry no requests***

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