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Selenite Hexagon Crystal Charging Plate - Luna Moth (6")

Selenite Hexagon Crystal Charging Plate - Luna Moth (6")

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Add a new shape to your altar!  This item is perfect for crystal grids to set intention. Also, an excellent pedestal to set your other crystals on in order to cleanse their energy.

The Luna Moth is one of the most mystical messengers of the spiritual world. She signifies transformation, the Divine Feminine, and appreciating the fleeting nature of life. While a Luna Moth spends nearly a year in its egg, caterpillar and cocoon stages, it only spends 7-10 days in its final moth form. This reminds us to enjoy the moment and appreciate the transformations that have made us into the beings we are today.

The three moons above the moth represent the three phases of Divine Feminine energy. The waxing crescent on the left represents The Maiden, the mysterious beauty of a young woman. The Full moon in the center represents the fertile fullness of The Mother. Finally, the waning crescent on the right represents The Crone in all her experience, wisdom and kindness.
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