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Figurine - Sea Lion

Figurine - Sea Lion

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Together with the fur seal, sea lions comprise the eared seals family known as Otariidae. Sea lions extend from subarctic to tropical waters across the globe, and actually have small variations from one another, such as skull size, depending on what waters they live in.

Scientific Name: Family Otariidae

Characteristics: Sea lions are generally docile and can be safely observed at a distance, although males can potentially become territorial if approached. We promise this hand-painted and professionally sculpted sea lion figurine is as friendly as they come and would love for you to come over and introduce yourself!

Size and Color: Almost all mature sea lions have coats that vary between chocolate brown and tan, and the coloration typically gets lighter closer to their heads. Standing 3.1 inches long and 2.15 inches tall, this sea lion figurine is about the size of a deck of cards that stood on its side.
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